No Arranged Teams - Single Registrations Only
*Teams will be randomized/balanced by skill level*

Sunday Nov 16, 2014:

12:00am       Registration, Open Practice Time and Random Balancing of Teams by MMR
1:00pm         Event 1: "
5v5 Captains Mode" Single Elim Tourney Starts - Matches Casted Live
6:00pm        Event 2: "5v5 All Random All Mid" Single Elim Tourney Starts - Matches Casted Live
10:00pm      All Tournaments Finish - Free Time to Game
Raffle at 10pm (1 ticket included)  - Prizes such as electronics, t-shirts, day  passes, etc.

All rounds will be single elimination. Teams will be randomly balanced based on each player's solo MMR, starting with the highest MMR players and going down the list until all teams are formed. $20 entry/person includes tournament and a day pass valid for up to 15 hours of unlimited gaming computer rental from 11am-2am. Players must be present at Clutch Gaming Arena, this is NOT an online tournament. 

Optional: Bring Keyboard, Mouse, or Headset (No laptops or BYOC for this event please)

*Prize Pool: Each event will have a prize pool equal to # players x $5. For example:
40 players x $5 = $200 prize pool for Event 1 *AND* $200 prize pool for Event 2. 

Prize Structure:
- Event 1: Winning team takes all, split between players.
- Event 2: Winning team takes all, split between players.


  • Headsets are NOT provided but you are more than welcome to bring yours and plug in. This is highly suggested for the sometimes loud tournament environment. You are also welcome to bring your own mouse, keyboard and any other peripheral devices you are accustomed to.
  • If you have any questions, please send us an email at or give us a call at 720-362-2101.
  • Visit or for images and more information about the venue.

Note: Following tournament registration will be held on this page as well!